We live and breathe digital. We are digital leaders, shapers, innovators and connectors.

Our immersion in the industry ensures we deliver an extraordinary talent & recruitment service.

We invest time, care and expertise to make sure both our candidates and clients reach their talent potential and goals.

We work with three key cohorts, each driven by specialist knowledge and recruitment that works on sourcing hard-to-find talent in the field.

Digital Mavens Technology & Data Recruitment

Our Tech & Data cohort at Digital Mavens specializes in top data science, engineering and technology talent solutions for our clients.

In this cohort we have high skilled mavens across technology and data. This includes Data Analytics, Software Engineering, MS Dynamics, Design & Research, Product, Data and more.

We work with all types of clients and companies to deliver data & tech mavens to fuel their business.

Digital Mavens Technology and Data
Clients looking for marketing and media staff
Digital Mavens Marketing & Media Recruitment

Our Media & Marketing cohort at Digital Mavens specializes in top media & marketing talent for agencies, publishers, clients and brands.

Within this cohort we find highly skilled mavens across marketing & media from strategy, planning & operations through to measurement. Our expertise covers a wide gambit of marketing & media talent from branding to CRM, social, digital performance and more.

For clients & brands, we have a niche service to help inhouse media & marketing talent when they are building or transforming internal teams.

Digital Mavens Leadership Recruitment

Our Sales & Leadership cohort specializes in finding the right commercial leaders for your business. Whether this is a new CEO, Country Lead , Sales or Customer Success lead, we can help you build your business in Canada.

Revenue is at the heart of every business, so we understand how important it is to get the leadership and sales team absolutely spot on. We work with our clients to set them up for commercial success recruiting the strongest talent.

Where appropriate, we offer a discrete targeted head-hunting service for leadership roles.

clients looking for leadership roles

“Excellence is a result of intelligent direction, skillful execution & viewing obstacles as opportunities”

Tracey-Weinrib CEO Digital Mavens

Tracey Weinrib, CEO & Founder

Tracey has enjoyed over 25 years in digital media, data, and technology.  In London UK, she founded two successful agencies, AWA Media, specializing in CRM & data planning and Tonic Advertising, specializing in digital media & advertising. In Sydney, Australia she filled digital leadership roles at WPP and Publicis. Tracey moved home back to Toronto in 2021 as part of the Executive team of Wavemaker Canada as VP of Precision Marketing.

Tracey has delivered digital solutions across some of the world’s most provocative brands and recruited amazing talent for her teams and the digital industry at large.

She is proud to lead Digital Mavens, a specialist recruitment agency, which utilizes her years of experience to help recruit and deliver the best talent for our clients.  A global citizen, she has loved developing her career and network across media hubs around the world.

She is an avid reader and a puzzle enthusiast – jigsaw, sudoku and crossword. When Tracey’s head isn’t in a book, she loves walking outdoors and enjoys a nice glass of Pinot Noir.